Working Families Plan

We need to make homeownership more accessible for the middle class and working families in Suffolk County. As Register, I will work every day to help people protect their homes.

Protecting Working Families From Predatory Loans

Too often, working families trying to buy a home are targeted by predatory lenders that greatly increase their risk of foreclosure. As Register, I will work with community groups to educate homeowners about predatory loans and how to avoid them. I will also implement a simple Consumer Notification Service, an optional service that will help residents protect their home and financial investments by monitoring and alerting people if their name or property is recorded in any other property filings.

Protecting Workers

Non-payment and non-timely payment are all too common in the construction and design trades. A critical tool to fight against wage theft is filing a mechanic’s lien which must go through the Registry of Deeds. As Register, I will implement a Lawyer for a Day program to help workers understand mechanics liens, how to file them, and how they must be resolved. Volunteer attorneys will provide information about this and other processes to assist homeowners and workers.

Promoting Homeownership

As Register, I will partner with nonprofits, city government, and the Attorney General’s office to promote existing home-buying education and credit-improvement programs. To expand access to homeownership, we need to provide more assistance with down payments and home loans. I will use the Registry to promote existing state and city-funded programs to connect residents with these resources. I will also promote existing foreclosure prevention and home repair programs.