Vision Forward

“Home ownership has long been an entry for many into the middle class and yet it can be fraught with risks. The Register of Deeds should have an important impact on the lives of all Suffolk County residents who own or might seek to own a home.”

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People not Politics

  • The Register of Deeds role is not only about recording deeds but it is also about responsibility to consumers.
    Katie understands that owning a home places people solidly in the middle class, and she will fight to protect that asset.
  • Katie knows we cannot afford an opportunist who is in the office of the Register for the pension and the paycheck. When it comes to your home, your property, and your financial security, it’s not just politics to Katie.

Protecting Consumers

Too often, vulnerable homeowners, particularly seniors, face predatory lending practices and scams that increase the risk of foreclosure.

  • As Register, Katie will work with community groups to educate homeowners about predatory loans and protect their greatest asset.

Improving Access and Services at the Registry of Deeds

  • As a taxpayer-funded office, Katie believes you are entitled to a full-time Register, who is committed to showing up for work every day.
  • Katie will create a “Lawyer for the Day” volunteer program that will allow lawyers to volunteer their time to help customers of registry with questions about their title or other issues that might be on their mind relating to their home.
  • These lawyers will help consumers and homeowners understand mechanic’s liens and their effects
  • Katie will allocate additional resources to improve access wherever possible by extending Registry hours and implementing web filing, so property owners can more easily do business with the Registry.
  • Katie will also implement a web-link displaying newly registered plans for developments with five or more units, so residents can stay abreast of proposals for larger scale development in their neighborhoods.

Increasing Homeownership Education and Protections

For most families, buying a home is the biggest purchase they will ever make. Too often, homeowners, particularly seniors, face predatory lending practices and scams that increase the risk of foreclosure.

  • Katie will implement an optional Consumer Notification Service which is a simple and essential step to help residents protect their home and financial investments, just like monitoring your credit.
  • Katie will support programs to educate homeowners on the risks inherent to certain contracts, which can encumber properties and sometimes make it more difficult for homeowners to refinance.
  • Katie will also partner with non-profits, cities, and the Attorney General’s office to promote home buying education and credit improvement programs in the community and implement mechanisms to ensure homeowners file homesteads at the time of closing.
  • Katie supports pending legislation that calls for allocating funds to the Community Preservation Fund through the Suffolk Registry as well as the electronic notarization of documents to ease filing constraints.
  • Katie will create an information database that tracks real estate and financial trends throughout Suffolk County and use that database to educate consumers.

Closing the Racial Wealth Gap

In the Boston area, close to 80% of white families own a home while just a third of black families do. As Register, Katie will prioritize bringing resources to communities of color.

  • Katie will focus on publicizing homebuyer programs run by non-profits and government agencies.
  • Katie will promote existing state and city funded programs that assist with down payments and home loans that help make purchasing home more attainable.
  • Katie will also promote existing programs that help people stay in in their homes through foreclosure prevention and home repair programs.